Paws-itively Stylish: 6 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Wear Clothes

Many haters think clothing your dog is like dressing up your Barbie. But dog clothes are actually a much more serious matter than playing dress-up.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a fashionable dog, clothing can also guarantee their comfort and your peace of mind.

Here are a few important reasons to consider dog clothes:

#1 Short-coated dogs wear clothes for protection, not just fashion

Dog clothes keep dogs warm

You might mistakenly reason that your dog has a natural jacket or coat and that this should be sufficient for them during wintertime. 

But is that completely true?

Think about it this way: While we humans might wear a thin added layer for protection from the cold on an autumn evening, we likely reach for our big coats when we see the first winter storm approaching. 


Because we need to adjust our clothing to the current weather patterns.

It’s the same for your dog. While their own coat might be enough for most of the year, they might need an extra layer when temperatures drop.

Short-haired breeds like French Bulldogs, Pitbulls and Pugs are known to be sensitive to the cold.

So if you live in a cold climate and notice that your furry friend struggles with heat retention, try dressing them in a warm winter jacket and keep them comfy and healthy.

#2 Small Dogs Need Help Keeping Warm
chihuahua under blanket

Small dogs can’t keep warm just by curling up and they typically have less body fat to help contain their body heat.

This is especially true for toy dog breeds, like Chihuahuas and Yorkies. That is also why they've become some of the most fashionable breeds.

People love to dress them up in small dog clothes because they look good in almost anything! Plus, they actually need it!

So as the colder months approach, get your pint-sized pooch a sweater or jacket to protect them from the freeze.

#3: Cold temperatures are harsh, especially on seniors.

senior dogs need to wear clothes

Dogs of any age are vulnerable to hypothermia. But, older dogs also tend to suffer from arthritis.

This is especially true for larger breeds like Labradors and Golden Retrievers. For them, the cold could cause discomfort or even pain.

Older dogs also suffer from weakened immune systems. Protect them from potentially harmful viruses and diseases by dressing them in an outfit that will keep them warm and healthy.

#4: Reduces the Amount of Fur in Your Home

A small dog shedding fur on the couch


If you’re a dog parent, you’re likely BFFs with your vacuum cleaner.

One of the best perks of clothing your dog is keeping their fur away from your household items stuff. Your dog’s clothes keep shed hair inside the garment and away from your couch, carpet, clothes, and car interiors.

This is especially true with high-quality clothes that are lined with fleece.

#5: Our Dogs Make Our Fashion Dreams Come True

an english bulldog wearing a hoodie and chain

Let’s face it. We’ll never look as good as our pets, especially when they have on the latest in dog fashion trends.

But our dogs are our children and we want them to look dope, even if it means they get all the attention.

However, matching clothing with your dog is a great way to make a fashion statement and show off your unique style as a team. Whether you're out for a walk or running errands, coordinating outfits with your dog is a fun way to stand out.

#6 Dogs wear clothing for medical reasons

a sick dog with a bandage on his nose


Some dogs need protective clothing due to medical conditions.

This might include minor skin conditions or something more serious, like an operation.

In the case of skin irritation, a light, a breathable t-shirt could prevent your dog from scratching or nibbling at its itchy skin. And in the event of an operation, dog clothing would be helpful to protect the incision site from getting dirty or infected.

Ok, but which breeds don’t need dog clothes?

Well, it’s really up to the owner to decide the purpose of dressing their dog up.

While some short-haired breeds depend on wearing clothes, especially during wintertime, other larger dogs have a natural thick double coat that keeps them toasty in the coldest of climates.

And yet other dogs don’t live outdoors but spend most of their time in the house. If that’s the case with your dog and he’s not often exposed to extreme temperatures, consider keeping him ‘al natural’.

So before you set off on a puppy jacket shopping spree, consider the breed of your pup, the climate you live and how often your dog will wear the clothing items.

a pitbull wearing a water resistant jacket

Some dog clothes are as practical as they are fashionable, like a water-resistant dog jacket. 

These jackets are made from water-resistant materials and come with a reflective strip on the side, keeping your pup dry and visible in low-light conditions.

What if my dog hates wearing clothes?

If you notice signs that your dog hates wearing clothing then don’t force them.

True, it might take them a while to get used to the idea. So in the early stages they might walk a bit funny or even try to back out of their coat or jacket. Give it a few days and see if they adapt to their new clothes.

If they continue to show frustration or discomfort, simply take their clothes off and shelve the idea. Clothes might just not be for your pooch.

A final thought

There are many reasons why dogs wear clothing. 

It might be for medical reasons, to keep them warm in cold weather or just because you want your dog to get extra attention while out on winter walks.

Whatever your reason for dressing your dog, seek the best quality clothes that will make your dog feel and look like the superstar it is.