When Pets Beg: Ground Rules for Visiting Friends and Family

We love having all our friends and family around the holidays! But, there’s something you should know before we move forward with the festivities. Our smart pups are very much aware of their charm and will use it to take advantage of your presence.

For the safety of our pets and your enjoyment in our home, please be mindful of our three simple rules:

Rule #1: Don’t indulge dogs with human food.

What’s safe for us isn’t always safe for dogs. Even small portions of the wrong food can lead to serious emergencies or long-term health risks. So, please don’t give our dog any food scraps. If you happen to dislike our cooking (yeah, right!), we’d rather you chuck it down the bin than sneak it under the table for the dog.
Also, we discourage our pets from begging, especially from guests. If you indulge them, they’re more likely to keep doing it. Please refer the behavior to us if our dogs are insistent so we can correct them and keep them from bugging you.

Rule #2: Never leave food & drinks unattended.

Please don’t leave any plates and glassware unattended, especially when they contain toxic substances like alcohol and chocolate. The dogs can quickly sneak a taste from your food and drinks, and there’s a good chance we won’t know it until the damage has been done.
We’ll be around to clean up after you, but it will help us tons if you also keep an eye on the food and drinks. Please also set aside leftovers, throw food trash in the bin, and pour unwanted drinks down the drain. Additionally, please be mindful of morsels that fall on the floor.

Rule #3: Always ask before giving dog treats.

Dog treats are a special currency for buying our dogs’ love and affection. However, their tummies don’t always do well with them. While we would normally welcome any treats you might thoughtfully have brought with you, please ask us before you give them to our pups so we can make sure they won’t cause any issues.
Also, you should know that indulging them even with a single treat would likely cause them to beg for more. We’d love for you to develop a relationship with our beloved dogs but if the begging gets too much for you, make sure you let us know.
Rules might seem like a joy killer, but they will help us keep our pets safe while we enjoy your company. Please keep these guidelines in mind so we can make the most of our time together without worrying about the dogs. Following these rules will also keep you from being pestered by irresistible puppy-dog eyes and begging paws.