How to Measure Your Dog’s Height

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How To Measure Your Dog's Height
Alternative Methods For Taking Your Dog's Height By Using a Flat Surface

If you are here and reading this, then you probably want to purchase something for your dog, either dog clothes or accessories. However, taking your dog's height is quite a bit more complicated than taking your dog's weight since one should have the proper knowledge.

Luckily, you're in the right place to learn the step by step guide on how to measure your dog's height the right way.

How To Measure Your Dog's Height

Step 1: Find a wall and try to stand your dog against it.

Whether your dog is a Stafford Terrier or a Pit Bull, it should be standing upright properly and shouldn't be leaning towards on the floor to help you get accurate measurements. What you can do is to lean your dog against the wall. Make sure their head is positioned straight and looking neither up nor down. Also, since small dogs like Pugs or French bulldogs could sometimes be stubborn and playful, you might want to get a partner when measuring their height.

When you see that they are standing upright, you can take the necessary measurement. When taking your dog's height, start on the shoulder's highest point down to their paws. Remember that our beloved dogs are different from us, so we don't take their height from their head or neck. It is important to note that you should exclude the length of their hair.

Step 2: Look for their withers.

If your dog has long hair, it is important to look for their withers. Your dog's withers are supposed to be the tallest point of their body, and it is the standard place to measure your pet's height. If you don't have an idea about where to look, locate your dog's shoulder blades where their neck meets their shoulders. Once you find it, you can start measuring their height.

Step 3: Using the carpenter's level.

For a more accurate method, you can combine step 1 and step 2 and use a carpenter's level if you have one. Once you have leaned your dog against the wall, find their withers. However, make sure that they are standing upright. Align your dog's withers to the carpenter's level while leaning it also against the wall and ensure it is properly leveled. Once done, make a mark on the wall, but make sure not to draw a very thick line for a few centimeters will affect the result.

Step 4: Measuring height.

By using either a measuring tape or a yardstick, measure the height starting from the floor up to your level mark based on your carpenter's level tool. The number you get will be the official height of your dog.

Step 5: Reward your dog.

While this has nothing to do with taking their height, it is still necessary for them to become more comfortable and excited as well the next time you are going to take their height measurement.

Alternative Methods For Taking Your Dog's Height By Using a Flat Surface

If your dog is not comfortable leaning against a wall, find a flat and smooth surface like your table or your floor. Make sure to calm them down and ask a family member or a friend to hold them and keep them still. Locate his withers and take the measurement using a measuring tape or a yardstick. Ensure that your measuring tool is straight and perpendicular to eliminate possible errors.

Using a height measuring stick

To make the measuring process a lot easier, you can opt to buy a height measuring stick instead. It is a tool specifically made to measure the height of a dog, either a puppy or a fully grown dog.

Using a wicket

A wicket, on the other hand, is a U-shaped measuring tool. It usually comes with two legs that stand firmly on a flat surface. It also has a movable bar that can be adjusted to fit your dog's withers firmly. Normally, you can find wickets on the dog show since judges use this tool to measure the height of every participant.


Knowing your dog's height is essential. It's not only because it makes it easier for you to buy a dog's clothing or accessories, but also it allows you to track your dog’s growth every step of the way.