Dog dad gifts - 20 ideas to choose from

What do you call a dog magician?

A Labra-cadabra-dor.

Dad jokes are what define a dog dad. They’re a special breed and deserve to be celebrated every day of the year. 

Man giving his dog a kiss


After all, dog dads pick up doggy poop every day, not just one. They take the family pup to the vet when he’s feeling down and they play fetch with him on the weekends.

So why not treat the special dog dad in your life with a special gift? Like our furry friends, deserve to feel appreciated.

So here’s our list of 20 perfect presents that will keep him as happy as a dog with two tails.

We’ve simplified your shopping by breaking it down into four categories, namely:

Clothing and ApparelGifts that will appeal to the fashion conscience dog dad

Tech and GadgetsThe type of gift that will appeal to tech-savvy pet dads

Eat and DrinkDog dad gifts for those that like to chew on a bone as much as the next dad

PracticalThe pawfect gift, more for your four-legged friends than their humans.

Around the HouseA unique household gift that could only be appreciated by a dog owner.

Clothing and Apparel

1. Matching Outfits

Matching dog and human hoody

By their own admission, Sparkpaws is a company founded by Crazy Dog Parents.

Their love for man’s best friend can be seen in the wide variety of fantastic products, carefully crafted to suit the needs of dogs and dog owners.

Sparkpaws has a collection of quality hoodies, shirts, and bandannas to choose from that allow dog dads to match up with their four-legged friends any day of the year. Their clothing range is set apart by its super soft material that will keep dad and dog alike happy.

Shipment is available worldwide with an easy exchange and return policy. 

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2. Dapper Neckware

Dog bow tie


Dog dads are classy guys, and what’s more classy that a dashing bowtie?

Spoil him with this Scottie print bow tie for those special occasions. The best part? It’s pre-tied! So no hassles with getting that knot looking perfect.

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3. Dog Socks

Black and white socks with dog prints


Dog Socks that are made for dog lovers. These black and white socks will go well with any trousers. They feature a custom embroidered paw print and are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Best of all, they’re sold for a good cause. The funds from each pair support the Best Friends Animal Society and their work to save shelter animals.

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4. Doggy Cuffs

Sterling silver dog cuff links


These German Shorthaired Pointer Dog Cufflinks are made of Sterling Silver and the perfect fashion accessory for any style-conscious dog dad.

Each pair of cuffs are delivered in a neat gift box which makes it presentable and a ready-to-go gift.

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Tech and Gadgets

5. Dog GPS Tracker

GPS tracker for dogs


The device tracks your pup's location and sends you an alert when it leaves a pre-designated safe space. The intelligent software also monitors your dog’s health, nutrition, and activity levels - alerting you to potentially harmful behaviors like licking and scratching.

Keep in mind that the item is sold without a collar, so you need to purchase an adjustable strap separately to use it with your dog.

Available in grey, green, or purple.

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6. Doggy Camera

Dog camera


The Furbo 360-degree dog camera is another gift that is sure to make any gadget-happy dog lover smile from ear to ear.

The 1080p night vision camera allows you to monitor your pet at home from anywhere. It also has some awesome features like a bark sensor that sends you an alert whenever your dog is barking.

The two-way audio ability allows you to command the Furbo to dispense treats whenever needed. 

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7. Wicked Bone Smart Bone
Remote controlled dog bone

This bone-shaped remote-controlled toy features an auto-play and drive mode, making it the perfect gift for those that aren’t able to give their pets the time they desperately need.

Simply switch the smart bone on, choose a setting and the toy will keep your pet entertained for hours. Made of extremely durable material, the toy is built to last.

It’s also super easy to clean and comes with a long battery life feature.

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8. Interactive Ball Launcher

Dog ball launcher


The iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for dogs launches mini Tennis Balls or any other small-sized ball your dog loves to play with.

This toy caters to any size dog and helps with their physical and mental well-being, making it the perfect gift for dogs and dads. 

Set the launch distance to 10, 20, or 30 feet with the touch of a button, and will keep your pup happy for hours.

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Eat and Drink

9. Personalized Mutt Mug

Mug with a dog's face printed


Dog dads, like most dads, need a strong brew in the morning to get going. Imagine how much he’d love a personalized coffee mug with an image of his furry friend.

Simply send a picture of your dog via Etsy chat and they’ll print it accordingly. The better the photo, the better the print.

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10. Corgi Bottle Opener

Corgi bottle opnener


Bottom’s up!

This corgi butt bottle opener is sure to get a laugh with all your dog dad friends. It’s asy to mount to the wall and is a great accessory in any home bar.

A perfect gift for any dog lover that enjoys a cold beer after a long day's work.

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11. Dog Wine Glass

wine glass with a dog printed in white


There are few things as enjoyable as relaxing with a glass of wine in front of the crackling of a warm fire in winter. 

These personalized wine glasses hold 19 ounces of liquid and will remind you of two things that make life better… Wine and dogs!

There’s a variety of designs to choose from, giving you all the options needed to create the perfect gift for dad.

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12. Doggy Coffee

Hugo coffee brand


Hugo coffee roasters not only produce great coffee but they also support a good cause. For every online purchase, you are  supporting small animal rescues.

Choose from a variety of themed packages, such as the Black Paw French Roast, Downward Dog Decaf, and the Howler Espresso.

Free shipping on orders $35+

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13. Cuban Link Gold Dog Leash

Sparkpaws dog leash


Every dog dad wants to feel like the absolute boss he is when out for a walk. 

Why not treat him with this luxurious 18k gold-plated stainless steel Cuban link lead? Each piece comes with a leather soft grip handle, and each link is hand-welded together and plated in 18k gold to ensure safety and style.

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14. Poop Bag Holder

dog poop bag


It’s not all rainbows and butterflies in the dog owners world. You also need to deal with the occasional doggy doo-doo.

The Tuff Mutt leash attachment poop bag holder comes with velcro attachments that easily attach to most belts or leases, making it both practical and stylish.

It’s big enough to hold a doggy treat, car keys, or a roll of poop bags. A must on any dog walk.

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15. Doggy Backpack

Man with his dog in his Dog backpack


The K9 Sports sack is an awesome gift for both dads and dogs. Purposefully designed for the outdoor, on-the-go person, the bag comes in different sizes. This means it can accommodate just about any dog breed.

Perfect for lending a helping hand to those pups that grow tired on a hot, grueling day out.

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16. Bald print Tote Bag

Tote bag with the words Dog dad


This is a super useful bag that can carry anything from groceries and books to toys and doggy treats.

The bags are made completely out of canvas cotton and feature a bald print Dog Dad theme on the outside. 

The store offers free shipping for any purchase over $59.

Shop more at Rover Store

17. Dog Water Bottle and Dispenser

dog water bottle


Ensure your dog is always hydrated on a long walk with this portable water bottle. Available in different colors, this item comes with two different compartments, one for food and the other for water.

The compact design makes it perfect to carry around when walking, hiking or any other outdoor activity. Although small, the water bottle can hold up to 9oz of water, just enough to cool down your furry friend.

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Around the House

18. Tail wagging clock

Black wall clock in the shape of a dog


Hand assembled in Dorset, England, this bespoke wooden clock has a tail that wags every second. Who wouldn’t want that?

Perfect for an office and man-cave alike, this custom piece is sure to keep the dog dad in your life on time for everything. The cut-out is available in the silhouette of any dog breed under the sun and is made from plastic, steel, and wood.

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19. Zak George's Dog Training Revolution

Zak George's Dog Training Revolution


Zak George is a bit of a phenomenon in the dog training world. He’s an accomplished author and youtube superstar. In his book, Dog Training Revolution The Complete Guide to Raising The Perfect Pet With Love, he outlines many of the basic principles of dog owning.

Subjects that he covers include choosing the right pup for you, housetraining and basic training, cool tricks, traveling tips, and activities to enjoy with your dog.

Zak’s knowledge makes this an interesting read and a great gift for any dog-loving dad.

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20. Framed Dog Print

Dog wall art


These custom dog prints are available in different sizes and shipped all over the US. High-quality paper is used and frame colors vary, making this the perfect statement piece for any room.

The monochrome color of the sketch can be printed vertically, horizontally, and squarely, making this an extremely personalized gift.

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There you have it. 21 awesome gifts that will put a smile on any mans face. Why wait for father’s day to celebrate your favorite dog dad?

Celebrate dad and pup alike, 365 days a year.