Can Dogs Get Sick from Rain?

As a gentle drizzle transforms into rainy weather outside, many dog owners are faced with a dilemma. Should you venture out for your daily walk, or is it safer to stay dry indoors? Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to the elements, and walking in the rain can put them at risk of falling ill. The cold weather paired with damp fur can weaken their immune systems, opening the door to potential health issues.

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Understanding Your Dog's Vulnerability to Rain

Not all dogs are equally at risk during a downpour. For example, a hale and hearty two-year-old dog is far more equipped to handle a wet walk compared to others who might be more vulnerable, such as:

- Elderly dogs whose immunity may not be as robust.

- Very young puppies are still developing their protective systems.

- Canines suffering from underlying health conditions.

- Underweight dogs whose lack of body fat provides insufficient insulation.

If your beloved companion falls into any of these categories, consider additional protective measures or decide against an outdoor adventure when the storm clouds roll in.

Rainwater Hazards

Cold weather and wet conditions can challenge a dog's well-being. When dogs are walking in the rain, they can encounter puddles filled with potentially dangerous chemicals or bacteria, which can lead to illnesses like leptospirosis. Moreover, standing water can hide the deadly Bufo Alvarius Toad, whose toxins are perilous for pets.

Leptospirosis: A Bacterial Danger in Stagnant Water

A primary concern for dogs during or after rainfall is exposure to leptospirosis, a bacterial infection commonly found in stagnant water. Leptospirosis is transmitted through the urine of infected rodents, which often contaminate rain puddles. When a dog drinks from such puddles or swims in infected lakes, the bacteria can enter the body through any cuts on the skin or directly through ingestion.

Thankfully, modern veterinary medicine offers a vaccination that can be included as part of the regular DAPP series to safeguard against leptospirosis. It is especially worth discussing with your vet if your dog has a habit of drinking from puddles or loves water activities, as this can reduce the risks of contracting the disease.

Various Toxins Washed into Puddles

Apart from infectious agents, rainwater can also unwittingly mix with harmful chemicals. Pesticides used in gardens and lawns, as well as dangerous substances like ethylene glycol (commonly found in antifreeze), can be washed into puddles. If a dog comes into contact with or drinks from such contaminated puddles, they could suffer from severe health issues ranging from gastrointestinal upset to kidney failure or even death.

Protecting Your Dog from Rain-Related Risks

a dog wearing shoes for the rainSparkpaws Dog Shoes & Boots

To mitigate these health risks associated with rain, it's crucial to keep your dog away from lingering puddles during and after rainfall. You can protect your dog’s paws by training them to wear rain boots, which keeps them from direct contact with contaminated water. If boots aren't an option, ensure that you wash and dry their paws thoroughly with safe cleansers like paw wipes once you're back indoors.

Understanding the dangers that rain can bring helps us take better care of our canine companions. 

The Discomfort of Drenched Dogs: Why Some Dislike the Rain

While not all, most dogs despise a walk in the rain, many are sensitive to the sensations it brings—from the sound of rain hitting the ground to the poor visibility it causes. These factors can make dogs anxious, leading to a less-than-pleasant experience during rainy walks. On occasions when your dog refuses to step out into the rain, it's important to respect their feelings while still ensuring they get adequate exercise indoors.

How to Prevent a Dog from Getting Sick During a Rainstorm

Dogs that are not used to rain or thunderstorms can become anxious and pant heavily, risking hyperthermia and heat stroke. To safeguard your furry friend, consider these precautions:

- Use a dog house with a roof overhang to keep your pet dry.

- Cover an enclosed yard with tarps to prevent dampness.

- If you're away during a storm, ensure your dog is left in a secure and comforting place.

Ensuring Safety: What are the Best Ways to Keep My Dog Safe and Healthy?

Here are several strategies to maintain your dog's health when the skies turn grey:

- Keep your dog indoors or in a sheltered outside area.

- Use a raincoat or protective gear for outdoor excursions.

- Eliminate any pooled water to protect against paw contamination.

- Create a paved or stone path to avoid wet grass.

- Use an Earmuff Protector which reduces anxiety by shielding the dog’s ear canal
  from loud noises such as thunderstorms.

Do Dogs Need Raincoats?

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Dog raincoats are more than a fashion statement; they're a line of defence against the chill and dampness. Sparkpaws offers a range of raincoats designed with comfort and protection in mind. To achieve the perfect fit, measure your dog from neck to tail, around the widest part of the chest, and the neck circumference. Then pick a coat that ticks all the boxes: waterproof, hooded, and with safety-enhancing reflective features.

Don't wait for the next downpour; protect your furry friend today with Sparkpaws' Dog Raincoat and ensure they stay dry and comfortable on every walk.

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After the Rain: Detecting Signs of Sickness in Dogs

Monitor your pet closely after inclement weather outings. Signs of distress, such as vomiting or lethargy, should be addressed promptly by a veterinarian.


Rainy days don’t have to be a source of worry for pet owners. By understanding the risks and taking necessary precautions, you can ensure your furry friend stays safe and healthy—even when the skies open up.

As you wrap up your preparations for wet weather walks, consider investing in top-tier rain protection for your pooch. A click away, Sparkpaws' Dog Raincoat stands ready to shield your dog, while the Anxiety Calming Dog Earmuff Protector keeps them serene. Pet parents, prepare for the elements, and turn any drizzly day into an opportunity for joy with your dog.