Streetwear For Dogs is Taking Over the Dog Apparel Industry!

Pupreme and Woof-White dog apparel and accessories are growing popular among the Hypebeast dog community in the 21st century.


Streetwear inspired dog clothes has been gaining traction in recent years and have now taken over the global dog fashion world by storm!




Why Owners are fascinated by Streetwear Dog Clothing brands like Pupreme and Woof-White?


Since the 1970s, dog ownership around the world has increased considerably and dogs have become much more than just pets, they are part of our families, our best friends, our children.

Dogs come in a variety of fur coats and shedding habits. Many small dogs and dogs breeds require extra clothing for the cold winter months. This has resulted in a rise in fashionable french bulldog clothes, small dog clothes, and puppy clothes brands.


off white dog hoodie woof white


Traditionally dog clothes only met the minimum requirements of “keeping warm”, they were usually sold in retail Supermarkets or Pet Stores, and often made with cheap material and generic design.


The rise of social media and e-commerce have changed the dog apparel industry entirely. Instagram and Facebook have given dog lovers a new way to showcase their adored pets and be part of a global community.


Anti Social Puppy Club Anti Social Social Pup


One of the fastest growing trends in the human fashion world is Streetwear. Global streetwear brands such as Supreme, Off-White, BAPE, and Anti-Social-Social-Club are the biggest contributors to this craze.


They have accumulated millions of loyal fans and followers who obsess over the Hype that their collections offer. Since every dog owner has his or her own fashion style, then why not their dogs?


streetwear for dogs


Gradually this gave way to a new generation of Dog Apparel brands.


Much like human fashion, the dog fashion world has also evolved into a broad range of niche and styles, meeting the increasing demand of originality and design by millennial dog owners.


Hypebeast fans love showcasing a unified style with their Hypedogs.


supreme dog clothes


With classic collections such as Pupreme, the Bathing-Pup, Anti Social Puppy Club, and Woof White, dogs can now match their owners swagger.


These streetwear inspired designs are unquestionably bringing a breath of fresh air to the dog fashion industry.


hype beast dog clothes


The Streetwear for dogs trend has already caught the eyes of mainstream media. CBC News, Complex, Hypebeast, Hypebae and Buzzfeed have all taken notice.


If you haven’t caught on yet, then its time to join the movement! Have some fun this winter season and turn your dog into a Hypebeast!


Pupreme dog hoodie